Inspiration For The Week


"Master, we've worked hard all night and
haven't caught anything. But because you
say so, I will let down the nets."
Luke 5:5

The disciples had labored hard throughout the night

without catching any fish. They were experienced fishermen

and knew there were no fish to catch. Yet, at Jesus' words,

they let down the nets once more. According to the

Scriptures they caught so many fish that the nets began

to tear. And so their faith was rewarded.

When you lay a matter before God you should trust Him

so much that you are willing to accept His will and be

obedient to the prompting of His Spirit no matter what.

Forget about what others think or say; trust God

unconditionally and He will reward your faith.


I place my trust in You completely, Lord Jesus, in the
knowledge that You will never disappoint me. Help me
not to disappoint You through my unbelief. Amen.





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